photocafe: no trains tonight
photocafe: Kodachrome moment
photocafe: Pacific Central Station/Thornton Park
photocafe: October nights
photocafe: autumn leaves are falling down
photocafe: sea of leaves
photocafe: lively leaves
photocafe: Autumn Leaves
photocafe: Irving House
photocafe: fright night
photocafe: Haunted Hart House
photocafe: Haunted Hart House
photocafe: Gone Greenwood
photocafe: green trimmed house
photocafe: Greenwood is Great
photocafe: Greenwood
photocafe: Greenwood Post Office
photocafe: junction
photocafe: Highway 33
photocafe: Peachland
photocafe: Front St. Penticton
photocafe: Penticton
photocafe: Coldstream Valley
photocafe: Above Vernon
photocafe: In The Evening
photocafe: Needles Cable Ferry
photocafe: Kaslo Town Hall
photocafe: Kaslo
photocafe: Kaslo
photocafe: monumental