photocafe: in the evening (river scene)
photocafe: light and shadow
photocafe: anchored
photocafe: light play
photocafe: Boats
photocafe: At The Fair
photocafe: Summer Night Concerts PNE 1-9-19
photocafe: PNE 2019
photocafe: summer times
photocafe: Steamboat Saga
photocafe: Going Up The Country
photocafe: upper Fraser Canyon country
photocafe: Fraser River canyon
photocafe: through the canyon
photocafe: China Bar Tunnel
photocafe: Sailor Bar Tunnel
photocafe: Hell's Gate Tunnel
photocafe: Village of Keremeos
photocafe: middle-of-the-road
photocafe: look-out
photocafe: hazy days of summer
photocafe: trucks must gear down at sunset
photocafe: Tim stop
photocafe: Landscape
photocafe: Old Penticton Post Office
photocafe: Main St.
photocafe: fish fountain and old post office (Penticton)
photocafe: Merritt Post Office
photocafe: The Inn At Spences Bridge
photocafe: crag