Wendy:: feathers and satin
Wendy:: waterlily variation 1
Wendy:: allium starburst in IR
garyjlitwin: Bridal Veil Falls in Infrared
Wendy:: fernery in IR~ HMBT
Oscardaman: 1037. Eastern Sierra Nevada 53
Tricycle225: DSCF2673a
Luis FrancoR: Paisaje Infrarrojo 720nm - Infrared landscape 720nm
Tricycle225: DSCF2671a
Wendy:: floating world
Tricycle225: DSCF2679a
garyjlitwin: Robinswood park in fog 1
Oscardaman: 1024. A moment in San Francisco #453 -Japanese Tea Garden 3- Golden Gate Park 547
Wendy:: Cosmos with 6stop NDIR
fe2cruz: Hunter's Moon 2019
Bright Expression: _180412_190107_IR31477
Wendy:: tulip v.2 ~ HSS
Oscardaman: 1008. A moment in San Francisco #445 - Golden Gate Park 541 -Tree scene 3
garyjlitwin: Wooded scene near Washington, California in Infrared.
IanAWood: Underneath the M25
Oscardaman: 1000. A moment in San Francisco #435 - San Francisco's Ocean Beach 6
Wendy:: HSS from UCD
garyjlitwin: Burney Falls in Infrared
IanAWood: Dead Oak Tree
Luis FrancoR: flamingos en su paraíso infrared view IR_720nm
fe2cruz: infraflames-2604
Wendy:: tree v.2 accentuated in IR ~ HSS
Wendy:: the tree at the bottom of our garden~HTMT