milos-pjatko: Gare de Nord
@Nitideces: Eva 03
Alexandre D_: Laura x Helios-40
Alexandre D_: Back in 1944...
Andy WXx2009: The Brave Ones
Studio d'Xavier: Woman with Yellow Panel
Nouvellesea: Getting Through The Storm!
Southern Darlin': Low key High contrast me.
Dan Correia: IMG_0505
David Swift Photography: VR1-071-34BW
@Nitideces: Claudia 13
Cranamanor13: My coat
Andy WXx2009: Scooter
vintage ladies: Typing Pool
@Nitideces: Melanie 07
__Tobias__: Emina
B__E__G: Giugno
Dan Correia: IMG_5900