Cranamanor13: Not just the Glasses
e³°°°: German redhead sisters
David Swift Photography: VR2-028-12Abw
MJfest: Jazzfest - Royal Teeth
Alexandre D_: Back in 1944...
Mrs.WQ: Beach Daze #62 Connecticut
brian-f: Love Sick
cowyeow: Girl with Balloons
modoheidi: Heidi Rocks
kristenscotti: Looking up
Cranamanor13: True style
John Bowno: The assnonymous
shaymurphy: Magda
LitterART: THE BLACK BILLY GOAT (Pinhole photography)
LitterART: THE BLACK BILLY GOAT (Pinhole photography)
Cranamanor13: The girl at the tram stop
lbc.kb7747: BCK@47 Aquarelle
lbc.kb7747: BCK@47 Oxygène
kristenscotti: Navy Pier Ferris Wheel
nevadoyerupaja: The shop, the doorway.
Michael Struts: Bunny Girl model Kaya
vintage ladies: Ghostly image of woman and child
vintage ladies: Mother and children
MJfest: Jazzfest - Katy Perry
Alexandre D_: Laura x Гелиос-40
abdallahh: Montréal Carifiesta 2012
vintage ladies: Mother and daughter?