PatricksMercy: Scene de Ballet, student dance group at College of Notre Dame in 1958 Baltimore, MD
PatricksMercy: May Crowning of Mother Mary in 1958 in the Convent Chapel at College of Notre Dame in Baltimore, MD
Ken-Zan: Paris
Ken-Zan: People
Ken-Zan: * Girl *
kirstiecat: Robyn
dmitryzhkov: DR151213_0781D
dmitryzhkov: DRP140907_0920D
Bob Whitelaw: _CSC0473
dmitryzhkov: 16drb0254
germán :): Ref IMG_20190315_142558904_HDR
Bob Whitelaw: _CSC0638
jac malloy: Nita Strauss _6
jac malloy: AC_12
dmitryzhkov: _DSC8800
jac malloy: King Diamond MHF_22
jac malloy: King Diamond MHF_21
jac malloy: Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts_River City Rock Fest RCRF_68
kennethkonica: IMG_7026
kennethkonica: IMG_6924
kennethkonica: IMG_7116
kennethkonica: IMG_6996
kennethkonica: IMG_6982
Phạm Hồ Thanh: Small rain
south34: Siesta
south34: Outside Fowey Church 2007 - 40 years after we were married here
south34: Our wedding day, Fowey, Cornwall, 1967
south34: Going shopping.....
Alexandre D_: Laura (7)