jaykay72.: Travelling In Style
jaykay72.: I Thought You'd Given Up !
jaykay72.: Altered Images
jaykay72.: Guarded Conversation
jaykay72.: Centre Of Attention
jaykay72.: Passing Trade
jaykay72.: Don't Worry, Be Happy
jaykay72.: Homeward Bound
jaykay72.: Cold Finger
jaykay72.: The Real Thing ? ?
jaykay72.: The Devils In The Detail
jaykay72.: Life Choices
jaykay72.: King In Waiting
jaykay72.: Captive Audience
jaykay72.: Comrade Captain
jaykay72.: To Answer Or Not To Answer . . . .
jaykay72.: Whats That ?
jaykay72.: Watching The Girls Go By
jaykay72.: Getting To Know You
jaykay72.: Hanging On Every Word
jaykay72.: Prepared
jaykay72.: What Did You Get ?
jaykay72.: Besties
jaykay72.: Tongue Exercise
jaykay72.: Search Hairdressers Opening Date
jaykay72.: Hurry Up And Eat That !
jaykay72.: I Thought You Knew Him
jaykay72.: We Are Amused
jaykay72.: Dribbler
jaykay72.: Blimey, They're Hot ! ! !