Hammerton Photography: A Beautiful Day In Autumn
Parapan: Dragonfly-4280
damian.langer: Castel del Monte grasshopper
Ron Vipond: A Wild And Windy Day
siegfriedpotrykus 2,2M: green woodpecker
Meadowbellphotography.com: Australian Black-Winged Stilt (Haemantopus leucocephalus)
a.fetting: Niki in Grotto
via_parata: I lavoratori del mare / The workers of the sea #3
sandorson: Elm St / N Central Expy with Chase Tower ("Keyhole Building" ) - 225m - 1987 - on the right
Lindell Dillon: Tattered Emperor
NO ON /e: Belgrade Protesters march to Bailiffs chamber, lend support to students
gmetselaar1955: Volcano Chimborazo, Ecuador
Andrea Tosi 63: _DSC8357
MBates Foto: Before The Fall
Luca Bobbiesi: Ciconiidae #2
photograph61: Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
Hank888: Baie Lazare
Klaus Lampe Fotografia: Today's sunrise in Brasilia
Mona Zimba: Endless blue… 🐬 ༽ ˳♪⁎˚
Κώστας Καϊσίδης: Menies beach, on a summer day...
Tiziana de Martino: Zoo Fasano
david1lee2: Red-eyed Vireo, Monte Clare, PA USA
Zdeněk "DrakMrak" Charvát: Shining balls, reflection
JuanCarlossony: Fuente de Los Cuatro Ríos. Roma