iain.davidson100: 9958 Artichokes in dining room 20220114_191738
iain.davidson100: 9959 Sunrise 2 16 Jan after the storm DSC_0005
iain.davidson100: 9962 Newcastle Colonial Mutual Life Building 20220117_184556
Jon Dev: Patterned ice in sunlight and shadow, Bow River, central Calgary
JenSue256: Full Wolf Moon
pedrik: Praia Grande
David Sebben: Keep on truckin'
nickant44: Grunty's back
novice09: Frigid Ford
Mario Inoportuno: Night Topography
WalrusTexas: White Collar Worker
elibertens: Carretera austral
Andres Bertens: Anocheciendo a lo lejos / getting dark far away ;-)
marcineden: The tree, pt V
nickant44: bee on Scabiosa
MPnormaleye: California Or Bust
David Sebben: feeling blue
gorannilsen1: TTArtisan 35mm f1.4 at f8
gorannilsen1: TTArtisan 35mm f1.4 at f1.4
Kevin Kemmerer: America is tuning out, and will be turning out.
geew67: Dreaming of trees
Angels 104: Morehen
Jon Dev: Architectural style: homes in Calgary - #158
cesarimatteo94: P1001695
Chatograph73: building site details
WalrusTexas: Call of the Wild
novice09: This morning's scone
geew67: Rosehips
rcstevens_2001: Tennessee 5