Chatograph73: Summertime
alkip0ps.bf4: It's probably really nice out there
gallerymakiej: Pink Hibiscus Buds
MPnormaleye: Crossing At Dusk
harry de haan, the cameraman: Tropical Breakfast -------- IMG-4799
MPnormaleye: Bank Shot
Chatograph73: Fiberglass Footbridge
Chatograph73: P1010007
Chatograph73: Calystegia sepium - Zaunwinde
Chatograph73: Calystegia sepium
Jon Dev: Abstract: parts of a metal sculpture
karma (Karen): backyard visitors this afternoon
claudio sgarbanti: IMG_20200711_184616
Fairy Duff: Black paint
Fairy Duff: One Arum Lily
karma (Karen): keeping the critters out
Ronald van der Graaf: Butterflies
Ronald van der Graaf: summer flowers
iain.davidson100: 8393 Fallen quandong branch P1220224
iain.davidson100: 8394 Grove and tussocks P1220248
Shamus O'Reilly: Brick wall in a tree? ... I was stumped
Kirkleyjohn: Harvested wheat field
Kevin Kemmerer: IMG_0191
alkip0ps.bf4: Medium, large or extra large?
David Sebben: Sea of sunflowers
indipeti: Cat Pot and The Morning Sun
indipeti: "Egotrip Forever" - Streets of Maribor
Jon Dev: Mall architecture: walls and pillars, colours and shadows