tquist24: Turkey Run (7)
ecwillet: i remember helping mom paste a million s&h green stamps into little books to redeem for what i dont know
Shirly Hamra: Deepavali 2021: Festival of Lights Street Light-Up
ecwillet: have a coke and a smile
ecwillet: rust
Pearce Levrais Photography: Holt Pond Autumn (0068)
tquist24: Turkey Run (7)
ecwillet: you get a car and you get a car...
Billy McDonald: Lady Campbell
Billy McDonald: Wallflowers
Billy McDonald: Face of Evil
ecwillet: the susquehanna river at harrisburg pa
tquist24: Turkey Run (6)
Pearce Levrais Photography: An Autumn Tree's Reflection in the Pond.
Michael F. Nyiri: The Skyline of My City
tquist24: Turkey Run (5)
TLPhotto: Europe, France, Cannes. Bus Terminal, art facade (Gare Autobus)
Alex-de-Haas: Farmer farming his farm.
tquist24: Turkey Run (4)
BarryKelly: Lismore castle
Pearce Levrais Photography: Autumn, Nashua, NH USA
tquist24: Turkey Run (3)