ecwillet: finch yoga
ecwillet: who dat ?
ecwillet: indigo bunting
ecwillet: uh oh !
ecwillet: yellow on yellow
ecwillet: fuzzhead
ecwillet: green heron
ecwillet: this is my tongue
ecwillet: i think i see a frog
ecwillet: mott the hoople looking for something to eat
ecwillet: excited fuzzhead
ecwillet: wild raspberrys
ecwillet: little blue heron gobbling down a frog
ecwillet: wood duck found a prize
ecwillet: swallowtail butterfly
ecwillet: rusty spider wasp
ecwillet: goldfinch
ecwillet: black crown launching for a fish
ecwillet: THIS feather
ecwillet: fawn
ecwillet: osprey whispering a secret
ecwillet: that first step is a big one
ecwillet: 071920133071smweb
ecwillet: egrets
ecwillet: talley ho !
ecwillet: you cant see the fish, but i can
ecwillet: scuze me while i have a fish
ecwillet: calico little blue heron
ecwillet: osprey
ecwillet: just a lil fuzz left on this fuzzhead