rootcrop54: I didn't notice that "Thomas" was sitting on Batman's head.
Grazka-M-T: Rudzik
rootcrop54: Otis's first stop on the walk route
rootcrop54: Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Grazka-M-T: Mała
rootcrop54: Batman
Grazka-M-T: Kropka
rootcrop54: Jimmy
gjrvova5919: _1010442
gjrvova5919: P1010412
rootcrop54: Camille, garden girl
gjrvova5919: _1040802
rootcrop54: five on a lifeboat (1 of 2)
Lozarithm: 1616-20L
rootcrop54: Batman in front of photo of Thomas
rootcrop54: Cousin expresses his feelings for big brother Otis
Chat Malicieux: IMG_9266
rootcrop54: sister shot
rootcrop54: Jimmy
rootcrop54: "Look into my eyes...."
rootcrop54: blissed-out Charlie
pixelia2: Hard life
rootcrop54: someone's in the kitchen with Helen...
Xena*best friend*: ♥ Tony DiNozzo & Ziva David Together Again ♥
rootcrop54: Eames era chair with a Jimmy on it
rootcrop54: Jimmy in the doorway to the sunroom