john from bedford: 66777 Nuneaton 20200218
john from bedford: 91107 Grantham 20200220
john from bedford: 66718 Burton on Trent 20200218 Washwood Heath to Peak Forest
john from bedford: 37608 Leicester 20200224
john from bedford: 60074 Nottingham 20200220 Lindsey to Kingsbury
john from bedford: 66768 Nuneaton 20200224 Felixstowe to Birch Coppice
john from bedford: 66165 Nuneaton 20200218 Mountsorrel to Northampton
john from bedford: 66031 Leicester 20200224
john from bedford: 66428 Nuneaton 20200218 Tees to Daventry
john from bedford: 66420 Manea 20200225
Cop Lane: Passing Pen-y-ghent
I C railway photo's: 66744 Crossrail 21-6-12. Copyright Ian Cuthbertson
A Ministerial View: 66788 'Locomotion 15' with 6E86
Grahama5531: 33057+33211
Grahama5531: 33056+33009
Grahama5531: 73XXX+73XXX
Andrew E Harrison: Repton Passing Lumb
Andrew E Harrison: Scot-Rail Forty Seven At Lumb
Trev 'Big T': top n tail (1)
mark5812: 66 430 at Acton Bridge on 26th February 2020
loose_grip_99: Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 26th February 2020
Robert.Cutter: 37025 with a late arrival at Perth from Glasgow Queen Stree in the late 80`s. It is good to see this loco still working for Colas 30 yrs later.
The Black Country Spotter: 20314 + 20311 - Brightside, South Yorkshire
mark5812: 70 807 at Stafford on 26th February 2020
RailwayScene: 156480-DT-30012020-1
RailwayScene: 801112-DT-29012020-1
RailwayScene: 156483-DT-29012010-1
mark5812: 60 091 at Tamworth High Level on 26th February 2020