The Halt: 142075 Cardiff 9/4/04
Robert Lewis(railhereford): 37215 arriving in Winchcombe on the 25-07-2015
robinstewart.smith: LMS 5 No 45110 Foley Park Tunnel SVR 11th April 2008
Robert Lewis(railhereford): 37899+37698 on the 1Z30 Hereford to Abergavenny railtour passing Haywood,Hereford on the 05-05-1991.
robinstewart.smith: Foxfield Light Railway 'Lewisham' heads through Foxfield Wood on 29th December 2005
Mark Gowing: Over the river
A J transport: 66423 @ Culloden Viaduct
Cop Lane: Looking down on Dent Head viaduct
Cop Lane: Freight on the Oban line
Cop Lane: Maude on the Mallaig line
Cop Lane: 4472 Carnforth
Mark H Lewis: GWR 2999 - Lady of Legend - Saint Class - Didcot Railway Centre
rhayward92: 745002 Baylham 21/03/20 - 12 Car Intercity Stadler FLIRT 745002 travels through Baylham at speed on a cloudless 21st March 2020. The EMU is in charge of 1100 Norwich to Ingatestone service.
rhayward92: 755408 Dagworth 21/03/20 - 755408 travels south along the GEML at Dagworth on 21st March 2020. The 4 car variant of the Class 755 works across East Anglia on secondary routes, such as this Cambridge to Ipswich working.
hoskinb1: Southern Class 377 Southampton
hoskinb1: DB Cargo Class 66 Worting
peter_schoeber: 14949 Exeter Central 2 juni 1995
A Ministerial View: Self-isolated 37402 passes Meadow Lane
John Woolley Photos: 222023_2001_Kettering
I C railway photo's: 56045 is seen at Hendon with a train from Hoo Junction (Chatham Docks originally) to Forders sidings(Stewartby) on 8-10-92. Copyright Ian Cuthbertson
VillaDeano: Water Orton 070220
Grahama5531: 33056+33051