Svetlana May: Silently is borne autumn leaves on the way... / Молча ложится осень листьями на пути..
luismfernández: Livertad - Freedom
Ian@NZFlickr: Steaming road
Irene2727: Time is an illusion. Albert Einstein
Elena m.d.: Tengo silencios enterrados tan profundo que florecen cuando lloro.
Irene2727: In order to be irreplaceable one must be different ~~ Coco Chanel
A. Walden: I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight...
Svetlana May: The bug is tiny / Жучок малюсенький
Behappyaveiro: Old Windows
Irene2727: "An unawakened person sees only his mind, which is merely a reflection of the light of pure consciousness arising from the Heart." ~~ Ramana Maharshi
Mª José Encarnação: Beautiful flower
odinvadim: By the roads of Valaam.(iPhoneX)
keesvandongen: Road To The Gate 🍁
Behappyaveiro: Hello, sunshine!
Raffa2112: Paesaggi Toscani - Tuscan landscapes
Anei Ionut Visuals: Walking through the forest
Klaus Kehrls: Inkaseeschwalben - 03091803
keesvandongen: Country Road
Mike Atkinson Photography: Monochrome Garlic, Pestle & Mortar Still Life.
bernardhenrard: Putzerhof - Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof (Dolomites - Italie)
Nick Kenrick..: Sakura series
Olympe Rhode -: Never forget
Irene2727: "Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be." - Charles Bukowski.
Mª José Encarnação: lágrimas da camélia/tears camellia
Ludo's World: Ternell, Eupen (18)
GianlucaRicoveri: 932395D1-833D-4B29-884C-EDDEC74B4E2A
Dyrk.Wyst: strolling
malessaart: Ears of wheat
majka44: tomatoes