leefhughes: Big Dipper/Seven Sisters Shooting Star
Escondido Dave: Overcast Morning at Carlsbad State Beach
leefhughes: The Early Bird And All That
ch_martiin: Orange
mr.sansibar: Notonectidae nymph
Outbj: May the force be with us
IvánBueno: Espinas protectoras
IvánBueno: Flor de fresa y nata
M. Coppola: Correndo sull'acqua
walter_g: Lupine In The Rain
Claudio Barros Jr: Rodriguezia lanceolata
GeorgeTsai 168: "Honey, are you ready for food transfer?"
Peters.pics: Grashopper
www.endlessfields.ch: Anthrenus verbasci
Rh+: Film-Hale Pond Ripples
debstevens: Spectacular Odle group, The Dolomites ( 'needles' in Ladin)
nigethorpe: Beautiful in orange
Vivien Slopianka: Wherever the day may go
D8photographie: Juste a Saxophone
croxden: Ladybird (in the UK)
Modkuse: Hydrangea White - Just A Start
helensherratt1: Silhouette of a killer
jltoto: SONGEUSE
dyanaNk: fitônia
Elfworld: Happy Pride Weekend
BlueisCoool: Water Garden
JCMCalle: Cascada Sombria