buzzer999: "Jess" the Polish Lowland Sheepdog
VeShandor: Shake Your Booty
The Ale Guy: Finally made it.
Paul Freidel: Sing it Zoey
Hi-Fi Fotos: Hi buddy!
FidoPhoto (John McKeen): Getting Over It
Northern_Nights: Smell the Roses
funkydeez2000: Fluffy Flossie
NYRBlue94: In His Element
do santos: Hope! My dog ❤️
Buck777: Black boy
G V K: Woopy
IanAWood: PBWA Kensington and Chelsea
Stephen G Wild: something to smile about
EMcIsaac: Cartoons and Nap
Wilhelmus15: Portrait of Mr Dog.
Arskari: DSC_7063
AdamUK12: Big Ted posing in the last of the sunlight
ilanhalperin2: Tai on Rug
carogege: Max apprécie la rafraîchissante fontaine ( a Marbella Espagne)
Naska Photographie: Knock on wood
Artybee: Smelling the sea air Bruce
Giant_Schnauzer: Departing Ghost of a Giant Schnauzer