Anonymtor: Newly hatched painted turtle
Anonymtor: Newly hatched painted turtle-2
Anonymtor: Newly hatched painted turtle emerging from pond weed
Anonymtor: Marsh plant
Anonymtor: Red dragonfly
Anonymtor: Kingfisher with catch
Anonymtor: Honda dirt bike
Anonymtor: !961 Corvette
Anonymtor: Mia sulking
Anonymtor: Early morning mist in the woods
Anonymtor: Early morning mist and refection on the river
Anonymtor: Crow with rabbit roadkill
Anonymtor: Dragonfly
Anonymtor: Dragonfly-2
Anonymtor: Meadowhawk Dragonfly
Anonymtor: Plotting
Anonymtor: Cornfield
Anonymtor: Turkey vultures
Anonymtor: Green frog in the shallows
Anonymtor: Itchy chin on the flower-filled riverbank
Anonymtor: Great blue heron
Anonymtor: Sandpiper fishing
Anonymtor: Grasshopper portrait
Anonymtor: Grasshopper in gravel
Anonymtor: Sandpiper-2
Anonymtor: Sparrow's bad feather day
Anonymtor: Plump
Anonymtor: Naked and afraid
Anonymtor: Ready for the guests to arrive
Anonymtor: Just one candle for my friend's mother's birthday