Anonymtor: Evening sky in March
Anonymtor: Ice melt run-off
Anonymtor: Difficult trail
Anonymtor: Evening in the woods
Anonymtor: Leafless Tree
Anonymtor: Across the river
Anonymtor: Warm-up on the icy river
Anonymtor: Groomed trail up the hill
Anonymtor: Light leaks in the woods
Anonymtor: Deep snow up to the cliff
Anonymtor: Sunlight through the leaves
Anonymtor: Taking a breather
Anonymtor: Along the fence line
Anonymtor: Leaning
Anonymtor: Large snowflakes falling on open water
Anonymtor: Light snowfall on the river
Anonymtor: The wind is blowing billowing clouds of snow up the river
Anonymtor: Stark riverside
Anonymtor: Snow falling on the riverbank
Anonymtor: Boughs hang over the frozen river
Anonymtor: The thaw begins
Anonymtor: Tracks on the thawing ice
Anonymtor: Animal and human footprints on the thinning ice
Anonymtor: Evergreens, as can be seen
Anonymtor: Mid-winter sunshine
Anonymtor: A well-walked trail
Anonymtor: The Silver Surfer - a birch tree in a speedo
Anonymtor: An ominous wall of pines
Anonymtor: Silhouettes
Anonymtor: A yeti in the park