Anonymtor: Dawn strikes the seafront on Corfu
Anonymtor: Typical misty morning in Milford Sound
Anonymtor: Rare two-storey Roman ruins
Anonymtor: Hammocks on the beach
Anonymtor: Graffiti and snow on the ancient habitation
Anonymtor: The Eramosa River after the snowstorm
Anonymtor: A cliff on the Eramosa River
Anonymtor: Eramosa River in the snow
Anonymtor: The cliff at the river
Anonymtor: The tree at the river
Anonymtor: Ancient habitation
Anonymtor: Snow on the double tree
Anonymtor: Gate into the woods
Anonymtor: A walk in the woods
Anonymtor: Gateway into the woods
Anonymtor: Colourful birch in the snow
Anonymtor: Trees at the cliff
Anonymtor: Avenue in the woods
Anonymtor: Blown by the wind
Anonymtor: At the cliff
Anonymtor: The woods in November
Anonymtor: Arch in the woods
Anonymtor: Logs at the cliff
Anonymtor: Birch on the trail
Anonymtor: Left by the storm
Anonymtor: After the storm
Anonymtor: Narrow trail through the woods
Anonymtor: Snow on the woodland trail
Anonymtor: Snow on the branches
Anonymtor: Geese before the storm