Anonymtor: Crowded shelf
Anonymtor: Black-capped chickadee in November sunshine
Anonymtor: Ice forming
Anonymtor: Silvery pond
Anonymtor: Sun on the stream
Anonymtor: November afternoon
Anonymtor: Patterns on the icy pond
Anonymtor: Woodpecker at the suet feeder
Anonymtor: First ice on the river on a sunny afternoon
Anonymtor: Ice forming along the river's edge
Anonymtor: Exposed bedrock on the trail
Anonymtor: Autumn shades
Anonymtor: Fallen into the lake
Anonymtor: Beams through the branches
Anonymtor: Pollination - memories of Summer
Anonymtor: Morning after the first snowfall
Anonymtor: First snow on the Eramosa
Anonymtor: First snow on the river
Anonymtor: The face on the cliff (smoking a cigarette?)
Anonymtor: Floating leaves in November
Anonymtor: Sunbeams through the trees
Anonymtor: Into the sunlight
Anonymtor: Narrow trail
Anonymtor: Bruce Trail
Anonymtor: Rocky trail
Anonymtor: Trail walking
Anonymtor: Rembrance Day Ceremony in the Village
Anonymtor: Distant Mississauga on a Fall afternoon
Anonymtor: Colours of November
Anonymtor: Distant City of Mississauga, 35 miles away