smallcurio: Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party (Sojourner Truth)
smallcurio: Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party (Margaret Sanger)
smallcurio: Yes Men, New York Times Special Edition (2008)
Loon Man Returns: Please look at it from my perspective
boodoo: Winogrand Hall
alex in bkny: Where's Alex?
alex in bkny: Yo-flection
Doris Bowling: DSCF2514-2-Edit
Doris Bowling: DSCF2491-2
Doris Bowling: DSCF2483-2-Edit
Doris Bowling: DSCF2471-2
Doris Bowling: DSCF2459-2
Doris Bowling: DSCF2444-2
westmin87: A Woman Has No Place . . .
Doris Bowling: DSCF4488-2-2
Doris Bowling: DSCF4484-Edit-2
Loon Man Returns: 200712080195 copy
westmin87: Psychedilic Sitting
westmin87: At the Brooklyn Museum
westmin87: Her Clothes are Beautiful
westmin87: Self-Portrait
Loon Man Returns: At the Brooklyn Museum of Art
TonyHa: 20130504-_TDY4552-Edit_784_WEB
TonyHa: 20130504-_TDY4569-Edit-Edit_WEB
triebensee: The Fallen Angels, Salvatore Albano
Trish Mayo: Black Unity (Side 1)
Trish Mayo: Black Unity (Side 2)
Trish Mayo: What's Going On
Loon Man Returns: 200605130080
Trish Mayo: In Search Of The Modern