((((((())))))): Forney Creek rages. I love waking up to this.
((((((())))))): Swimming in the creek.
segf: Llegando a casa..
misu_1975: Novi Sad 04
((((((())))))): Forney Creek Trail....hiking to the next campsite...
((((((())))))): Rhododendron flower in the maximum sunlight.
((((((())))))): Rhododendrons in full bloom....everywhere.
goodfella2459: Street Art
goodfella2459: Ugo Bassi
Colin Clarke~: The Little Church
ShinyPhotoScotland: Daily Apocalypse: 85
Photodendron: P7260096-Bearbeitet
goodfella2459: Bologna (Monolit)
goodfella2459: Portobello Road
ShinyPhotoScotland: Daily Apocalypse: 83
Photodendron: P7180008-Bearbeitet
goodfella2459: 29 Hanbury Street
ShinyPhotoScotland: Daily Apocalypse: 82
ucn: Lines
Colin Clarke~: Sully #1 Pinhole
goodfella2459: Crossroads
Colin Clarke~: Pinhole - Agfa Clack Modified
Photodendron: P7210081-Bearbeitet
Photodendron: P7210067-Bearbeitet
goodfella2459: Jack's Portfolio
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Colin Clarke~: Dog Walker, Lisbon
goodfella2459: Animal Mural