neilsonabeel: Abandoned House
neilsonabeel: Napping on the Window Sill
Frank Brand: Oranjewoud, The Netherlands
Frank Brand: Groningen, The Netherlands
goodfella2459: Viale Dardanelli
ucn: Ivy House
Bjørn Joachimsen: Heddal Stave Church
Photodendron: 7Foma400_Aculux_43-2
wwwuppertal: Wuppertal-Elberfeld Nordstadt: Graffiti and couple
wwwuppertal: Wuppertal-Elberfeld: nature in the city.
Photodendron: Weg zum Global Stone
Photodendron: Laternen-Museum
magnus.joensson: Hairdresser - Ilford HP5
goodfella2459: Bologna
goodfella2459: Mitre Square (Snovlox)
Bjørn Joachimsen: Fornebu, Oslo
goodfella2459: Bologna
Paysage du temps: Adoucir la courbe / Flatten the curve : seq. n°8/8
Northwoods Apparition: Peterson Falls-Montreal River, Gogebic County, MI
neilsonabeel: Abandoned House
Film&PhotoArchivist: oregon.016222
Paul of Congleton: Morfa Dinlle, May 1993
feleco (analog ph.): juvenile energy
goodfella2459: Bologna
Paul of Congleton: Dinas Dinlle, May 1993