sdttds: DSC_1178_Happy Nowruz dialogues of the dead-6th dialogue
sdttds: DSC_0858_Feet of a seated goddess in heels (B&W with selective color nails)
sdttds: DSC_0714_One more pic of these amazing, dancing feet
John Woolley Photos: QEII_1955_07_Nottingham
sdttds: DSC_0705_Another gorgeous pair of peds
sdttds: DSC_0321_Sari Farmer
sdttds: DSC_0797_Goddess standing in heels
John Woolley Photos: Woolleys_19xx_A3_600dpi
sdttds: DSC_0258_Calpulli Tlayolotl
Dutch Photographer NL: 180706 Noord-Ierland - Giants Causeway - Downhill Beach - RNLI Lifeguard 1020
sdttds: IMG_5927_Dancers
sdttds: IMG_8198_Sexy, studded t-straps
sdttds: DSC_0152_Beauty with bare feet
sdttds: DSC_2476_Blooming Fire
sdttds: DSC_0539_Nā Keiki O Hawai’i artomatic art show 2008. washington, d.c.
sdttds: DSC_0479_Beautiful feet in sexy sheer footies
sdttds: DSC_0466_Beautiful, adorned dancing feet
Dutch Photographer NL: 180906 Zakynthos - Beach, Boat and Streetlife 1033
sdttds: DSC_1847_Crazy Lace Agate Freeform Cabochon Necklace_
John Woolley Photos: Jean_Wake2_1944_A3800dpi
John Woolley Photos: Elaine_2206_Rawtenstall1
sdttds: DSC_0433_Edo Ensemble
sdttds: DSC_0346_Gorgeous feet with anklet, prettily posed