sdttds: DSC_3898_Prairie agate freeform
sdttds: DSC_3858_Picasso marble shield
sdttds: DSC_3886_Flor de Durazno (Crazy) Lace agate cabochon
sdttds: DSC_3843_Petoskey Stone tongue
sdttds: DSC_3835_Petoskey Stone cab, side view
sdttds: DSC_3825_Petoskey stone pre-form
sdttds: DSC_3819_Where are the girls? We were told there were going to be girls at this party!
sdttds: DSC_3796_Mountain or foothill carpenter bee
sdttds: DSC_3780_Western tiger swallowtail with wabi-sabi wings
sdttds: IMG_0047
sdttds: DSC_3654_Sweat bee on calendula
sdttds: DSC_3667_Honeybee on ceanothus
sdttds: DSC_3610_Picasso marble freeform
sdttds: DSC_3608_Unknown jasp-agate shield
sdttds: DSC_3603_Poppy jasper preform
sdttds: DSC_3598_Unusual Morgan Hill poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_3600_Crazy lace free-form
sdttds: DSC_3595_Prairie agate freeform
sdttds: IMG_3553_Flip-flop shoe-play
sdttds: DSC_3528_Some Morgan Hill poppy jasper with some different colors
sdttds: DSC_3516_I'm a chicken, too!
sdttds: DSC_3497_To be cut
sdttds: DSC_0600_Ornate flip-flops
sdttds: IMG_2254_Pretty feet in flip-flops
sdttds: DSC_3492_Bonus slabs
sdttds: DSC_2785_Cute Flip-flop pose
sdttds: DSC_3486_Morgan Hill Poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_3450_Laguna lace agate free-form cab
sdttds: DSC_3430_Whale bone cab
sdttds: DSC_3444_Two slabs of Stone Canyon jasper