sdttds: IMG_5254_Gorgeous crossed soles
sdttds: IMG_10752_Cage sandals
sdttds: IMG_2546_Apple invents the migraine cam
sdttds: DSC_1723_"Opalite" slab
sdttds: DSC_3209_Richarson's Thunderegg slice
sdttds: DSC_3196_Morgan Hill poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_3177_Red Dawn Clouds
sdttds: DSC_3159_Valley Springs moss agate top view
sdttds: DSC_3155_Valley Springs moss agate side view
sdttds: DSC_3141_Crazy Lace Agate
sdttds: DSC_1737_Valley Springs Moss & Cloud Agate
sdttds: IMG_13624_Ultra-cute feet pose
sdttds: IMG_9340_Flexed soles and spread toes in The Pose
sdttds: IMG_3539_Two cute pairs
sdttds: DSC_3076_Eye of Mordor (close-up)
sdttds: DSC_3076_Eye of Mordor
sdttds: IMG_0109_Pretty, dirty soles
sdttds: Poppy Jasper collage
sdttds: DSC_3057_Morgan Hill poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_3053_Unusually colored Morgan Hill poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_2993_Sharp-tailed snake
sdttds: DSC_2918_Kinradite slab macro
sdttds: DSC_2895_Halloween face poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_2845_Petrified pokemon poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_2830_Brecciated Coast Range jasper
sdttds: DSC_2826_"Autumn leaves" Brecciated Coast Range jasper
sdttds: DSC_1693_Five new cabs
sdttds: IMG_2579_Faced unknown jasper
sdttds: IMG_2544_Honey, I think something is wrong with the cat
sdttds: IMG_2540_Faced Black Butte jasper