sdttds: IMG_2089_Naptime
sdttds: IMG_0099_Hiking Diggins Pond
sdttds: IMG_2078_Rocky times
sdttds: IMG_6987_Color splash glads
sdttds: IMG_2035_Hi
sdttds: DSC_0777_Red cone galls on Valley oak leaf
sdttds: DSC_0765_Sierran Tree Frog
sdttds: DSC_0740_Robber fly
sdttds: DSC_0238_Sand wasp
sdttds: IMG_1986_New mask
sdttds: DSC_2773_Honeybee
sdttds: DSC_0241_Unknown damselfly
sdttds: DSC_0477_Sunflower and a pollen-coated long-horned bee (female)
sdttds: DSC_0359_Metallic green sweat bee
sdttds: DSC_0336_Great black wasp
sdttds: DSC_0076_Sand wasp or bee wolf?
sdttds: DSC_0117_Blue dasher
sdttds: DSC_0096_Nature's fireworks
sdttds: DSC_0014_Cuckoo bee (close-up)
sdttds: DSC_0014_Cuckoo bee
sdttds: DSC_1686_Unknown Oregon "Starfleet Thunderegg"
sdttds: IMG_14087_Beautiful stockings
sdttds: DSC_1664_Long-horned bee on sunflower
sdttds: DSC_1551_Sweat bee on sunflower
sdttds: DSC_1533_Rough thunderegg with bots
sdttds: DSC_2561_Yellow-fronted bumblebee on lavender crop
sdttds: DSC_2561_Yellow-fronted bumblebee on lavender
sdttds: DSC_1414_Juneteenth, Sacramento CA
sdttds: DSC_1390_Juneteenth, Sacramento CA
sdttds: DSC_1382_Juneteenth, Sacramento CA