sdttds: DSC_0505_Very pretty, dancing feet
sdttds: IMG_2970_Two cabs made yesterday
sdttds: IMG_2920_Cache Creek poppy jasper
sdttds: IMG_2716_Aro-Ace Pride Dragon sticker
sdttds: Happy Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
sdttds: DSC_0275_Nebularomantic / kink flag
sdttds: IMG_2574_Leopard-skin jasper cabochon
sdttds: IMG_2439_West Sacramento street tacos
sdttds: IMG_2463_Four recent cabochons
sdttds: Happy International Fetish Day_2023_3
sdttds: Happy International Fetish Day_2023_2
sdttds: Happy International Fetish Day_2023
sdttds: IMG_2244_Fireworks obsidian slab
sdttds: IMG_2243_Royal velvet obsidian
sdttds: DSC_0006_Pretty little fortification agate slice
sdttds: DSC_0026_Unpolished mariposite slab
sdttds: DSC_0017_A nice fat slab of Hornitos poppy jasper
sdttds: DSC_0012_A large, gemmy slab of dinosaur bone
sdttds: DSC_1006_A Goddess's Dirty Soles_Color gradient collage
sdttds: DSC_1000_Dancing goddess color gradient collage
sdttds: "Sole"-stice_Best of 2022, Part 3
sdttds: "Sole"-stice_Best of 2022, Part 2 (Socks)
sdttds: "Sole"-stice_Best of 2022, Part 1
sdttds: DSC_0506+_The final barefoot goddess collage
sdttds: DSC_0457+_Another barefoot, dancing goddess
sdttds: DSC_1000+_Dancing goddess with lovely, dirty soles
sdttds: DSC_0550+_Feet of another dancing goddess
sdttds: DSC_0944+_The feet of another dancing goddess
sdttds: DSC_0672-0674_Ardhana blue-clad dancer and soles
sdttds: DSC_0568+_Aradhana dancers, and close-ups of their pretty feet