Tim @ Photovisions: Barn In Fog.
rickwil64: Shortcut
rickwil64: Old And Older
darrylkirby: Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo (Chalcites[Chrysococyx] basalis)
Wild Country Photos: Lone Rangers Horse
Just Back: Derick Poindexter, an outstanding botanist.
rickwil64: Once Was A Beautiful Farmhome
ceelishere: Spring Thaw
ceelishere: Old and Standing
Wild Country Photos: Schools Out
KPortin: The Temples
rickwil64: Birds On My Roof
florahaggis: Starting To Rain In The Hills
florahaggis: Lake Is Low
florahaggis: Down To Talgarno
florahaggis: Another Gate On A Foggy Day
rickwil64: Porch Down_2
BillsExplorations: holding on...
Kim Tashjian: Rock Formations and Clouds
rickwil64: Porch Down
KPortin: A Long Road Home
david.tyrer: RUN "CHICKIE" RUN!
Tim @ Photovisions: Basement Apartment.
Conspiracy.of.Cartographers: This Might Be Yellowstone