rrradioman: Milwaukee Road Savanna, Illinois roundhouse in July 1975.
yeahwotever: Steamy Turnaround.
hardhatMAK: NS 8861, 8621 (GE C40-9, C39-8)
LC1073: 15ft wagon turntable
rrradioman: EJ&E roundhouse at Kirk Yard.
hardhatMAK: MEC 226 (GE U25B) sitting in front of the roundhouse at Bangor ME on 9-14-1982
hardhatMAK: MEC Turntable and Roundhouse at Bangor ME on 9-14-1982
hardhatMAK: Turntable and Roundhouse at Rigby yard. South Portland ME on 9-13-1982
Robby Gragg: All around niceness
rrradioman: EJ&E #611 on the turntable at Kirk Yard.
loose_grip_99: Stoneywell Ulverscroft Leicestershire 24th November 2018
hardhatMAK: East Broad Top Roundhouse & Turntable
hardhatMAK: B&ML Turntable, Engine Shed & Shops in Belfast, ME on 9-15-1982
hardhatMAK: BAR 71 (GP7) getting a ride on the turntable at the roundhouse in the yard at North Maine Junction ME on 9-14-1982
hardhatMAK: MEC 561 (EMD GP7) taking a spin on the turntable in Rigby yard, South Portland ME on 9-13-1982
Chuck Zeiler: BN SD40-2 8166
peters452002: CH SBBc 484 020 Chiasso 15-02-2018
Chuck Zeiler: Conrail GP9 7461
rrradioman: CN turntable
peters452002: D DBC 152 014-7+152 132-7+187 146+145 069-1 Osnabrûck 08-07-2018
Robby Gragg: BI Tower
Robby Gragg: Cresting the hill
rrradioman: C&NW turntable
rrradioman: Turntable
rrradioman: Milwaukee Road Roundhouse at Savanna, Illinois.
rrradioman: Turntable
rrradioman: C&NW turntable
rrradioman: C&NW roundhouse at Council Bluffs, Iowa in July 1976.