lionel682: Fighting Stallions
lionel682: Heron
lionel682: Distant sunrise with intervening clouds
lionel682: West Penn Railways 832
lionel682: West Penn Railways 739
lionel682: Nuttallburg Mine Button and Rope
lionel682: Nuttallburg Mine Button and Rope
lionel682: Cucumber Falls
lionel682: Falling water reflected in pool
lionel682: Ole No. 7 in the rain
lionel682: 1952 N&W Coaling Tower Bluefield, WVa.
lionel682: Switching near Mullins
lionel682: Hustling along Railroad Ave
lionel682: 688 Mile Difference during vacation
lionel682: Home Entertainment Center
lionel682: Hi Ernestine, grandma please...
lionel682: SWP1 leaving Connellsville Yard
lionel682: SWP1 leaving Everson
lionel682: Video of CSX trains passing in Connellsville
lionel682: Railroad wheelset alignment
lionel682: Waynesburg and Washington #4 AKA PRR 9684 makes a grand entrance
lionel682: 2 whistle blasts and we're outa here
lionel682: Nuttallburg Coal Tipple
lionel682: Nuttallburg Coal Conveyor
lionel682: P&WV/WM connecting bridge over Youghiogheny
lionel682: P&WV/WM bridge over Youghiogheny
lionel682: SWP1 midday
lionel682: Early Morning SWP2
lionel682: Waynesburg and Washington #4
lionel682: SWP1 rocks Dunbar