lionel682: The Emblem and gauges
lionel682: Aberdeen and BriarPatch GP7 with boxcars
lionel682: SD40-3's noisily departing town
lionel682: York Rail GP15-1 and CF7
lionel682: York Rail escapes Windsor St. Yard
lionel682: Ex PRR Bridge
lionel682: High-lead Steam Skidder seen at Cass
lionel682: Gears and levers
lionel682: Just weigh in...
lionel682: Rusted and disused...
lionel682: Locust Heights and Western Mason Climax
lionel682: Vulcan Locomotive and cinder car
lionel682: Mushrooms
lionel682: Mushroom
lionel682: Second locomotive out
lionel682: Second locomotive out
lionel682: Rosebud in the rain
lionel682: Rosebuds in the rain
lionel682: Illinois Terminal #206 “Dinky”
lionel682: City of St. Louis Water Division #1
lionel682: Play like it's blasting down the main...
lionel682: 611 at Barber Junction after dark
lionel682: General Motors Demonstrator #103
lionel682: Juniata Terminal Company E8
lionel682: Rose of Sharon
lionel682: Prolific Black-eyed Susan
lionel682: Arkansas and Missouri Alco
lionel682: MKT Power Car
lionel682: St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern #635
lionel682: Union Electric Locomotive #2