lionel682: Ann Arbor Cabooses 2838 and 2839
lionel682: Grand Trunk Western Track Forman Bunk Car
lionel682: Fairbanks-Morse Coaling Tower car dump track
lionel682: Bring on the torch
lionel682: Sunrise and waves
lionel682: RJCorman rumbling West
lionel682: CSX rocks the New River Bridge
lionel682: Rust and primer
lionel682: GE 25 tonner
lionel682: GE 25 tonner and turntable
lionel682: 500 ton Fairbanks Morse coaling tower
lionel682: C & O 1922
lionel682: GP18 951 backs through the wye
lionel682: Sunrise and clouds
lionel682: Backing on the wye
lionel682: Cloudy RJCorman
lionel682: Breakfast search
lionel682: Abandoned rail
lionel682: RJC GP18 #951
lionel682: Yesterday's sunrise
lionel682: RJCorman 7710 and 951
lionel682: Waves splashing at sunrise
lionel682: Just shells and sand.
lionel682: Morning on the beach
lionel682: Flowers at the Inn
lionel682: RJCorman cleaning up the steel
lionel682: Coolest piece of MOW equipment
lionel682: 7710 and 921 headed for Mullins
lionel682: Chesapeake and Ohio Station Thurmond, WVa.
lionel682: Grand Trunk Western Station Owosso, Mi.