lionel682: Shay steam and coal smoke
lionel682: Shay at twin bridges
lionel682: Back straight at Charlotte Motor speedway
lionel682: Turn 3a at CMS
lionel682: Sabine River and Northern 404
lionel682: Plymouth Locomotive #2003
lionel682: Memphis Pyramid
lionel682: Rocks
lionel682: CSX F774 Through Branchville
lionel682: Norfolk and Portsmouth beltline GP38-2
lionel682: Flaming sunrise
lionel682: Pastel Sunrise
lionel682: Tow Boat and Barges on the Mississippi
lionel682: Memphis Queen Line Riverboats
lionel682: Ex B&O, now CSX Clarksburg, WV Station
lionel682: Landlocked, rusted boxcars
lionel682: 7003 and 2068 Switching
lionel682: Switching a lumber operation near Momeyer, NC.
lionel682: Ghost Sign Thurmond, WV.
lionel682: REA and USPS
lionel682: Interstate #8105
lionel682: Interstate #8105
lionel682: Moon Shine Kisses
lionel682: Remembering...
lionel682: Backyard Mushroom
lionel682: Was delicious
lionel682: Carolina Coastal GP9RM 7003
lionel682: Carolina Coastal GP16 1721
lionel682: Set a spell, ya hear...
lionel682: Bromo time