shixart1985: A child and a mother preparing food for lunch.
beetle2001cybergreen: Fiesta Ware USA Disc Pitcher In Teal Blue UK Car Boot Sale FInd
YourCastlesDecor: Outside Dining
shixart1985: Used utensils and plates on the table.
lamarstyle: Vintage Griswold #8 cast iron high dome skillet cover
lamarstyle: A vintage Griswold skillet griddle
lamarstyle: A vintage Griswold skillet griddle
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage Hornsea Heirloom Dark Cobolt Blue Egg Cup Set & Teak Stand Mid Century Modern
MR38.: GMC Motorhome Interior - Former Greyhound Bus - 1948
YourCastlesDecor: Outside Decor
marek&anna: Old traditional kitchen inside the Great Meteoron Monastery
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage 1970's Pyrex Autumn Harvest Kitchen Mixing Bowls
lilac lover: Indian maiden
Kapt'n Koz: DSC00167
Kapt'n Koz: DSC00168
Kapt'n Koz: DSC00166
sticknobills: Aarikka Apila Napkin Holder
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage Catherine Holm Advocado Green Enamel Lotus Design Coffee Pot Mid Century Modern Car Boot Sale Find
YourCastlesDecor: Seltzer Bottles
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage Portmeirion Pheonix Coffee Pot Striking Mid Century Modern Design By John Cuffley
YourCastlesDecor: Pink Pitchers
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage White Enamel Kitchen Flour Storage Container / Bin Car Boot Sale Find
lamarstyle: This is a gate marked D R Sperry #8 cast iron skillet
lamarstyle: Here's a real piece of cast iron history.
ellenbouckaert: Keramiekuitstalling op vlooienmarkt....
ellenbouckaert: Inname van de Bastille...
ellenbouckaert: Faiënce de Chateau...
ellenbouckaert: KG Lunéville...
ellenbouckaert: Luneville...
ellenbouckaert: Lunéville bord...