LuckyMeyer: Makro
johnb.essay09: Eastern Carpenter Bee
johnb.essay09: Honey Bee in the Mint
danniepolley: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
johnb.essay09: This Plant is Fuzzier Than I Am
tormentor4555: Honeybee on the nectar patrol.
Modkuse: Carpenter Bee Lifting Off
Insektenflug: Rolf Nagel-Fl-10914-Bombus sylvarum
Keerthi Karunanandan: It takes a bee to get the honey out! Bishop of Llandaff & Bumblebee
jaytee27: Bumblebee. Buff tail or Vestal Cuckoo Bee
dany_di: Zinnia and a bee
Mark H Lewis: Floral
Mark H Lewis: Floral
tdlucas5000: Yummy Tasty Pink Flavor
Shotaku: Digging in
tdlucas5000: Some Green, Bit More Pink
cap8398: Sunflower and the Bee.
cap8398: The Diversity of a Sunflower.
johnb.essay09: Flight of the Bumblebee
johnb.essay09: Two-spotted Bumblebee Sucking Mint
johnb.essay09: Honey Bee
monelly2011: bee enjoying verbena
monelly2011: bee on hot lips bush
Modkuse: Honey And Mint
dbifulco: On Golden Frond