Guy Lafortune: THIS PIGEON WAIT for a SNACK !
Richard J Hunt: Early morning Goldfinch
jim_mcculloch: DSC_1141
raudkollur: Krossnefur - Common Crossbill / Red Crossbill - Loxia curvirostra
pierre.pruvot2: Martin-pêcheur (alcedo atthis) femelle
Paul den Ouden: Out On A Limb
Philip Mitchell for the birds: Red-shouldered Hawk
edschache: Kookaburra - head on
Hatsofe B: White Heron
Birdy/Thierry: Milan noir (Milvus migrans).
lajeunesse.alain75: 048A8224 (3)
judymtomlinson: European Starling on the Sumac
Mirabell70: A beautiful duo!
lvv1937: ФИЛИН
JenSue256: Emiquon Nature Perserve
JenSue256: Emiquon Nature Perserve
Greg Lavaty Photography: Aplomado Falcon
nitinpatel2: 1S0A1648
Evan Lannen: Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Jamie Spanes: Bouvreuil Pivoine - Eurasian Bullfinch
Jamie Spanes: Corneille noire - Carrion crow
Jamie Spanes: Rougegorge familier - European Robin
jlfconceicao: Buteo comum - Buteo buteo - Common buzzard
grobinette: Carolina Wren
josemena7: Cogujada. Cogullada. Galerida cristata.
jc7xx7: Mistle Thrush
pedro lastra: Ruby Topaz Hummingbird in flight dancing in the air, Tucusito Rubi, Trinidad. Chrysolampis mosquitus
Whistletown Wilds: _SLL0376 juvenile Yellow or may be a Wilson Warbler?
Mike Gould's Wildlife: IMG_0338. RED THROATED DIVER