Laurent Esselen: Eurasian Coot and Tufted Duck, Foulque macroule et Fuligule Morillon
Hugo von Schreck: Gull - Möwe
katiepie89: 2K5A1181 White Pelican skimming the surface - Marin County 09-14-2019
tom webzell: RING-NECKED PARAKEET (40cm)
Malcolm Boon: Stilts, Gulls and Godwits
Malcolm Boon: Cormorant
Malcolm Boon: Azure winged Magpie, Not looking his best!
Malcolm Boon: Little Grebes, on land for a change
binus1963: hairy woodpecker bc canada
binus1963: sora bc canada
binus1963: grey jay bc canada
binus1963: pillated woodpecker bc canada
binus1963: wheelie bc canada
binus1963: oregon junco bc canada
Full Moon Images: Wheatear (image 1 of 3)
dany-46: Râle d'eau - Rallus aquaticus - Water Rail - Wasserralle - Gruiformes - Rallidés
Merrillie: White-cheeked Honeyeater
benoist williatte: Courlis corlieu - Anse du Goyen - Cap Sizun
Merrillie: What did I tell you? Male Chestnut Teal giving a serve to the female.
Romair: Master Of All He Surveys
Michael Döring: Sattelstorch
Mazariol: Martin Pescatore
Mazariol: Garzetta
madziulka_a: Barred warbler
Mikael Neiberg: Smew Female
wesleybarr1962: Count my feathers
KYBrett: Eye in the sky
wesleybarr1962: check my feet
BSendelbach: Seagull drama