remiklitsch: fly me to the moon.jpg
discolegend: Planet Before Profit
nothinginside: Shark Attack
easton.marcus: wall art in snow covered alley as the snow falls...
Nekosan Création: Street Art - Vénissieux
buddhadog: Philadelphia Wall Mural on South Broad Street
Luiz Filipe Varella: graffiti - Porto Alegre
aestheticsofcrisis: Live the real Greek experience: 500€ salary, 400€ rent | AirBnB raises the rents
aestheticsofcrisis: AirBnB everywhere, neighbors nowhere
aestheticsofcrisis: Fight with your knowledge
aestheticsofcrisis: Law & Order foe the working class | AirBnB everywhere, neighbors nowhere
aestheticsofcrisis: The gang
aestheticsofcrisis: Death Drugs Beauty
aestheticsofcrisis: Krah / Eggo
aestheticsofcrisis: Tampon Power
aestheticsofcrisis: Fuck control
aestheticsofcrisis: No war but the class war
aestheticsofcrisis: Krah, crossed