. ruinenstaat: . reprise
. ruinenstaat: . what pride to discover that nothing belongs to you - what a revelation
. ruinenstaat: . you will not fly away, even if you have a thousand wings
. ruinenstaat: . the story of fire and ice
Trebor420: Hey Martin, why dont you grab me a cold soda pop from the pop machine and meet me through the door...
PhillMono: Cockatoo door 2
Bill Herndon: One of our Submarines...
Bill Herndon: New Paragon Gin
PhillMono: Cockatoo workshop panorama 1
PhillMono: Cockatoo workshop empty
PhillMono: Cockatoo reflections 2
. ruinenstaat: . steel my heart
clickraa: Sunset_again-2119
clickraa: Sunset_again-2130
clickraa: Sunset_again-2132
clickraa: Sunset_again-2134
clickraa: Sunset_again-2138
Bill Herndon: P4261360
Bill Herndon: P4261357
Trebor420: I know that this phone number is in here somewhere..
. ruinenstaat: . sit ludos incipiunt
Trebor420: Things around Chicago don't last forever..
PhillMono: Cockatoo workshop BW
jkatanowski: steel labyrinth
clickraa: sunset-0328
clickraa: sunset-0485
clickraa: sunset-0513
clickraa: sunset-0510
clickraa: sunset-0501
clickraa: sunset-0478