Bill Herndon: P4261360
Bill Herndon: P4261357
Trebor420: I know that this phone number is in here somewhere..
. ruinenstaat: . sit ludos incipiunt
Trebor420: Things around Chicago don't last forever..
PhillMono: Cockatoo workshop BW
jkatanowski: steel labyrinth
clickraa: sunset-0328
clickraa: sunset-0485
clickraa: sunset-0513
clickraa: sunset-0510
clickraa: sunset-0501
clickraa: sunset-0478
clickraa: sunset-0515
. ruinenstaat: . compaq
PhillMono: Cockatoo reflections 3
Trebor420: Sometimes the grass can be brighter on the other side
jkatanowski: abandoned mine
. ruinenstaat: . unter laborbedingungen
yeahwotever: Old Trains - Meknes.
clickraa: Obermarsberg-8703
clickraa: Obermarsberg-8698
jkatanowski: green wheels
d.n. alor: Phönix West
jkatanowski: big thing
jkatanowski: dead mine
PhillMono: Cockatoo rusty crane