JessicaHolter: Hotter than July - Punany The Hip Hop Psalms II: Black Love American Style
JessicaHolter: POET | DANCER | SLAM
jasoux: Six random old school books
jasoux: UK Topper Book annuals from 1967, '68
jasoux: Half-Walking Plant Cars
jasoux: Various books & illustrations gathered for inspiration
jasoux: Books & images to inspire near work desk
Francesco Dini: Rodi Garganico (FG)
Francesco Dini: Scoglio Paradiso
Francesco Dini: 50 shades of blue
Francesco Dini: Miky 1 Maggio
Francesco Dini: Happy New Year with Michela
Francesco Dini: Miky @Fregene
Francesco Dini: IMG_0634_1200_Dave_Hill
Francesco Dini: Roma, Altare della Patria
Francesco Dini: Miky @New York - Memorial
Francesco Dini: Cortona (AR)
Francesco Dini: Roma - Galleria Sciarra
Francesco Dini: Tivoli - Villa d'Este
Francesco Dini: IMG_0715_1200_Dave_Hill
Francesco Dini: Non si finisce mai di studiare
yet jeff: Wishing for a treat (or just a piece) is this little beast
yet jeff: In response to the condescending, someone puts a curse on them and how they'll be ending.
yet jeff: Else tribe fish from noise ponder realm...Curious kiss from this fish can overwhelm some...
yet jeff: Turning and looking intriguing also
yet jeff: Tiger Sea Grizzly: more than throwing a fit,
yet jeff: Whatever he's trying to communicate stumps. Understanding what he's saying is somewhat based on a hunch.
yet jeff: Jungle Tiger Spill Cove
Traveling with Simone: Time upon a book.
yet jeff: Shadow acrobat animals