Rafal I. Robert: Stairway to Heaven
Stewie1980: Bang Sue Central Station, Bangkok
James E. Petts: Dawn from the Empire State Building
incognito7nyc: Park Avenue View of Helmsley & Metlife Buildings Midtown Manhattan New York City NY P00450 DSC_0639
erichudson78: East 42nd Street
James E. Petts: Manhattan at dawn
320-ROC: T O R O N T O
globetrekimages: Nagoya Skyline, Japan
Bernard Spragg: Marina Bay Singapore.
incognito7nyc: Bank of America 1 Bryant Park Tower Skyscraper Avenue of the Americas 6th Ave Midtown Manhattan New York City NY P00449 DSC_1989
Raúl Alejandro Rodríguez: Diferencias - Differences
James E. Petts: View of Manhattan at dawn
eye town: IMG_6971
Stewie1980: Phaya Thai District, Bangkok
James E. Petts: Empire State Building
James E. Petts: View of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge
James E. Petts: Brooklyn Bridge
sky_hlv: Benidorm (Spain)
sky_hlv: Benidorm (Spain)
sky_hlv: Benidorm (Spain)
tokyoform: Tokyo 4604
Burçin YILDIRIM: Stalexport Towers / Georg Gruićić
incognito7nyc: One World Trade Center WTC Freedom Tower Manhattan New York City NY P00125 DSC_4196
caco.carvalho: Bela vista
Mike McLaughlin Photo: "Brick House" by Simone Leigh
incognito7nyc: 42nd St One Times Square , H&M & Bank of America Towers Midtown Manhattan New York City NY P00447 DSC_1848
Brian Fruehling: Lower Manhattan, NYC
peterjhillary: Nightscape