Jan Slob: Man with hat
retiredNpoor: Feet Standing Free (poem)
Enric Martinez: Storm in de Woud #2
retiredNpoor: Paradise Isle (poem)
karith: Yellow legs.
karith: Two Drowsy Scaups
karith: Three Scaups
karith: Scaup
karith: Hooded Merganser wReflections
Eric Lon: Reflexology, Foot massage in the mountains, Ecrins, France.
karith: Raindrops on Poinsettia
retiredNpoor: "Dawn Patrol 2"
karith: Beach Gathering
Eric Lon: Eric Lon, Yoga in a public Garden, Thailand.
Eric Lon: Ibiscus in Annapurnas, Nepal
Eric Lon: Annapurnas harvest, millet and corn
Eric Lon: ABC, spring flowers in Annapurnas, Nepal
karith: A Nice Place to Stroll
Eric Lon: Xmas rose, Annapurnas, Nepal
karith: Willet
karith: Willet 2
Eric Lon: Wildlife in Annapurna, Nepal
karith: Belladonna Lily
Eric Lon: Cultural trek. Fossiles, Annapurnas, Nepal.
karith: One Tern at a Time
karith: Which Tern is Which
Eric Lon: Annapurnas Nepal, High camp Hotel, 4850 m.
karith: Thinking About It
Eric Lon: Marpha harvesting
Eric Lon: Trek carefully in the Annapurnas, Nepal