retiredNpoor: entertaining delegates to the LOVE NEVER FAILS International Assembly.
retiredNpoor: This fan/tablet is one of many of the gifts presented to visiting foreign delegates to the international assembly which runs July 12 thru 14 at NRG stadium in Houston Texas. Jacinto City and Park Central congregations Co hosted a banquet and entertainmen
retiredNpoor: pretty pool girl
retiredNpoor: 1880's Galveston
retiredNpoor: "You are the 'wind in my sails' "
retiredNpoor: Tall Ships
retiredNpoor: "cruising: old and new"
retiredNpoor: "Jean LaFitte"
retiredNpoor: Galveston Seaport, 1880
retiredNpoor: "Dawn Patrol 2"
retiredNpoor: Samaritan Woman at Jacobs Well
retiredNpoor: "Mama Knows Where I Am" (poem)
retiredNpoor: "I Wonder..."
retiredNpoor: Portrait in Frame
retiredNpoor: Princess No Moccacins and the eagle feather
retiredNpoor: Rise...oh you high places (poem)
retiredNpoor: "Pelican in Flight"....Oak Island, Texas
retiredNpoor: "mini-sailor" on sunset bay
retiredNpoor: "Will you have a future?" *
retiredNpoor: "got the drop on ya now!"
retiredNpoor: "Tis a pirate ship alright" (with poem)
retiredNpoor: "Rockin' the beach with dad"(Poem)
retiredNpoor: Feet Standing Free (poem)
retiredNpoor: GET ME DOWN
retiredNpoor: "Have ya considered the price of beef in Texas Lately pard?"
retiredNpoor: Lady sings the Blues
retiredNpoor: Stroll
retiredNpoor: Blue Angels
retiredNpoor: aeroshell, airshow 2016
retiredNpoor: Lydia Ann Lighthouse...1857