retiredNpoor: historic TP ranch house
retiredNpoor: "Free!"
retiredNpoor: Ron and Melissa
retiredNpoor: "Power of Jehovah"
retiredNpoor: "Jelly World"
retiredNpoor: The first poem I wrote was about marriage...the kind that lasts in spite of whatever rough seas and storms might come our way. It reflects the now 57 years my dear friend Carol and I have enjoyed as husband and wife. Whatever Jehovah allows as to marriage
retiredNpoor: Resurrection
retiredNpoor: "He will call... and I will answer" www.JW.ORG
retiredNpoor: "To infinity...and beyond!"(see poem below)
retiredNpoor: pretty pool girl
retiredNpoor: 1880's Galveston
retiredNpoor: "You are the 'wind in my sails' "
retiredNpoor: colorful lifeboat
retiredNpoor: Tall Ships
retiredNpoor: see the world
retiredNpoor: "cruising: old and new"
retiredNpoor: "Jean LaFitte"
retiredNpoor: Galveston Seaport, 1880
retiredNpoor: "Dawn Patrol 2"
retiredNpoor: "Mama Knows Where I Am" (poem)
retiredNpoor: "I Wonder..."
retiredNpoor: Portrait in Frame
retiredNpoor: Princess No Moccacins and the eagle feather
retiredNpoor: Rise...oh you high places (poem)
retiredNpoor: "Pelican in Flight"....Oak Island, Texas
retiredNpoor: "mini-sailor" on sunset bay
retiredNpoor: "Will you have a future?" *
retiredNpoor: "On Troubled Tides"
retiredNpoor: heading in at sunset
retiredNpoor: "I'm going back some day...come what may..."