.Tatiana.: |||||
.Tatiana.: Jambalaya
Johanes Duarte 2013: Bahia - Sunshine on my sholder
adric1010: the bottle
Levels Nature: To the world you are one person....... to one person you are the world.....
gicol: Buon Compleanno papà!!!
_Paula AnDDrade: "Que a importância esteja no teu olhar, não naquilo que olhas."
Rita Crane Photography: Rita Crane Photography: Montmartre / Paris / France / buildings / street / vintage / textured / windmill / Moulin de la Galette, Montmartre
adric1010: luces-y-sombras (out for two weeks, my friends)
Levels Nature: Hold me....
Piotr Organa: Bye, bye winter
adric1010: the cubes
adric1010: 19 full moon!!
Levels Nature: My heart belongs to You....
Massimo Feliziani: Colori nel cielo
Levels Nature: Floating in the breeze.....
DolliaSH: Tulum Beach, Mexico
_Paula AnDDrade: Be to her virtues very kind, Be to her faults a little blind.
Pawel Tomaszewicz: 306/365 - City Hall London.@.1250x800
adric1010: Burano´s-walk
Levels Nature: True love....
juanlopez´09: Siluetas 36
Kroons Kollektion: Rött och blått 3.
MjYj ~ IamJ: White Sunset ~ National Library ~ Paris ~ MjYj