py.krywicki: flagged off
Steve Fretz: Clearing Storm Over Burger King, Port Jervis NY-1
Yasu Torigoe: View of interior quad of the Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland. Poster of German invasion of Poland (blitzkrieg)--80th anniversary. 207a
milangondaphotography: Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
m.r. nelson: tempe 4397
wavz13: I've had issues with the time machine lately, but finally got it working. Set the controls to the middle of the new George Washington Bridge with the Manhattan skyline glowing in the distance by the setting sun. Quite a scenic view! New York. Oct 1932
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marcostetter: autumn forest I
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unterwasserpfeife: Katharina Fritsch, Madonna - Kunsthalle Bremen, Icons
- rien à voir -: l a m e r
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dmitryzhkov: 17dre0756
petwave: 2020-06-OLY10
BrianDavidDowns: Das Bestrafungen
Milan Cvetanovic ~ Appreciate the 23 million views: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC {May 5th 2016: My first Explored photo on Flickr, after 3 years and 8 months in the Flickr Community. THANK YOU! :) }
wavz13: Fascinated with radio, I joined the Rutgers University radio station on the very first day of school. The program director at WRNU-FM gave me a daily two hour show which lasted for 4 years. Needless to say, I didn't play ANY disco! Sept. 1978
egoitz moreno: New York