alemdag: small world
Bern_Aussielicious: Profiteroles
~Roxanne~: Happy Thanksgiving
~Roxanne~: Sea Urchins
Mircita: La vie en "rose"
Stella Borne Mikkelsen: Pearls on strings..
peggyhr: Sparkles to celebrate 1,000,000 + views!
Ostseetroll: Quinta Flower
mayerdavid1978: What another Kayaker Said!
Raw Light Photography: Autumn Farm [Explored Oct. 15, 2011]
DenesG1-still off, computerproblems: October lights in Stockholm
bonnie5378: searching for the light,,,,,,,,,,
AvóQuéu: Autumn's Flowers ✿.✿
St Clements: Like Little Ants
ALdowayan: Lake
Sonali Dalal: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...back is as beautiful as front
peggyhr: Variations on an Iranian desert sunset
peggyhr: Mount Ararat
Mircita: Beautiful yellow cactus flower
Tiina Gill (busy): 20110813. Japanese anemone. 4084.
~Roxanne~: Lotus
Tiina Gill (busy): 20110813. Japanese anemone. 4183.
Beatrijs Sterk: Water colours
Mircita: Simple, just on her own
Jay Bees Pics: Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!