peggyhr: Through the trees
peggyhr: Red Rhododendrons
peggyhr: Colourful city lights and reflections
peggyhr: A Bombastic Red Double Peony Tulip for you!
peggyhr: Strange cloud formation at sunset over the city
peggyhr: Snowy Mt Baker and a crow
peggyhr: The Hullo Ferry arriving in the heart of Vancouver
peggyhr: HBM! Busy, sunny day for a seaside walk at low tide
peggyhr: Ruby Princess sailing past Stanley Park
peggyhr: Ruby Princess docked at Canada Place (+4)
peggyhr: Panoramic view from the Centennial Sea Walk
peggyhr: Sunday Greetings! A Double Yellow Tulip
peggyhr: As the sun sets, crows begin to fly away to roost
peggyhr: 22 sec vid: Japanese Cherry blossoms in the breeze
peggyhr: HFF! Springtime in North Vancouver
peggyhr: HFF! Oriental Garden: Park & Tilford Gardens
peggyhr: HFF! Sunlit Oriental Moon Gate & Wall (+2)
peggyhr: Deep Cove Village & Main Street
peggyhr: Deep Cove North Shore Marina & Yacht Club
peggyhr: Prunus Serrulata or Japanese Cherry blossoms (+1)
peggyhr: Skiers and boarders seen through door on Whistler Mt
peggyhr: HWW! Blackcomb entrance to Peak 2 Peak gondola (+1)
peggyhr: HWW! Sunset glow & reflections on glass windows
peggyhr: Happy Bench Monday
peggyhr: CNN Screenshot: Total Solar Eclipse in Mazatlán, MX
peggyhr: HBM! Three blue benches
peggyhr: Norwegian Bliss
peggyhr: On top of the world! A Whistler Ski Resort Series (+10)
peggyhr: HFF
peggyhr: Almost gone