milltown01: untitled
n1202606: TOMATOES
n1202606: BROCCOLI
m.robersonart: Thoughts On A Desert Fall Day
Joan Scher: Verticals and Horizontals
stan bonnar: on the under-standing of 'sacred' of water'
LotusMoon Photography: Ripples and reflections
Howard J Duncan: Structural
Stanislawski 2011: Very very minimal
Maria Grazia Marrulli: MOSTRA Fotografica Personale "ACQUA ... FANTASIE ONIRICHE" n. 15
seattlerayhutch45: Bubble Trouble
drager meurtant: A different view - IV (a travel one has to make)
Richard D. Price: Please Use Handrail for Safety
kirabowen2: Mateus
pastadimama: My scars don't hurt anymore - listen to the music
jonathan.pradillon: Peinture au couteau : Éclat de couleur jaune 2.
Howard J Duncan: Anomalous
Howard J Duncan: Museum
eduard43: JWF-4894-1
Sonja Parfitt: city and light
dannyhennesy: The Theoretical Boltzmann Brain Thinking about me imagining it imagining it while drawing it´s cortex as a psychedelic Cluttered Ballpoint sketch ( Contemporary artwork doodle by Danny Hennesy 2021) Art und Kunst
DPRPhoto: White Dove
yakkay43: >=> 056112_DSC4061 (5)
Adam Turow: Metal and Water Droplets
Mark Noack: two...