ashokboghani: Minerals
seattlerayhutch45: Rippled Atrium Bookend
teresopi: Caballos en la playa
teresopi: Puerta del peso del harina ,de los Leales o de Los Caballeros ó de las Carnicerias, y Catedral de ÁVILA,
Steve.D.Hammond.: Declaration Of War.
THomas__G: DSC_2614
vetlart: Chișinăul privit de sus
Nat Chapeau: Strong Diagonal
wos---art: Versunken im Blättermeer / Sunken in the sea of leaves
Quero: Refractography 06
Jean-Paul Margnac: China 2013. Pingyao International Photography (PIP). The famous photographer Liu Bolin in tree trunks.
Mark Noack: laughter and soft lies...
pastadimama: Ruht Wohl - listen to the music
drager meurtant: Characters
gazza s: Bricked In....
dannyhennesy: A Tiny Abstract painting that will look even smaller 5 miles away if you are a standard human with ordinary vision (Contemporary art by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0003
Dragonico80: concetti indiretti
Dragonico80: concetti indiretti
Dragonico80: concetti indiretti
CodeHole: Therapeutic Abstraction #3, Epicycles Evolved
chamber for light: 1FEC08CE-4E93-4C90-A330-A3C892224DA6_1_201_a
chamber for light: 9A6912E5-DBC3-4AF8-B9E7-102425E8A9DA_1_201_a
chamber for light: 9CE18CF2-055E-46DB-B69A-A3EC5CB13785_1_201_a
Luciano Cozzi: Darius recieve the news about Marathon
nomm de photo: A New Day, A New Hope
Pierre-Plante: mani-2936