deacondana: Merry Christmas at Our House 2022
micky the pixel: Siddhartha Gautama
moonjazz: Surfing wth dad
salva1745: The Windows , Arches - Utah
Saint Joan of Arc Superstar: Noël avec l'Ange / Christmas with the Angel, 2022
elisachris: Wetterfest
moonjazz: Island Dance Music - a happy video
salva1745: New Blues Generation : Stephen Hull Expérience feat Andrew Alli - Le Sonograf Le Thor
moonjazz: Beautiful One - A music video for woman of the earth.
Saint Joan of Arc Superstar: Ils Ne Vieilliront Pas / They Shall Not Grow Old.
Andy WXx2009: paralysed
elisachris: Autumn goodbye
salva1745: Jimmy James guitar - Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Cargo de Nuit, Arles
Saint Joan of Arc Superstar: Musée Jeanne d'Arc, Vaucouleurs, France / Joan of Arc Museum, Vaucouleurs, France.
deacondana: 20101111-Pompeii-Delivering Wine
B℮n: Young Buddhist monks
Bernard Schul: Wovon wir traümen (What we dream of) by Silvia willkens
Andy WXx2009: Hen Bont
fam_nordstrom: Ghost reaching for flowers, Castrillo, Spain
moonjazz: An Italian Romance, Venice and mi amore.
look-book: blondie ...
C. Neil Scott: Knoel Scott leading Sun Ra Arkestra
hatschiputh: the kings balcony
look-book: hair and shoulder ...
look-book: shoe ..
deacondana: Buddha, the Crowd, and Me
deacondana: PICT0324
Mike-Lee: One, two and now three!!