LauraSorrells: the geometry of a building
LauraSorrells: Benedict
LauraSorrells: at Holy Spirit
LauraSorrells: at Holy Spirit
LauraSorrells: dragonfly
LauraSorrells: gratitude
LauraSorrells: Gethsemani
LauraSorrells: still life
LauraSorrells: sunflowers for sale
LauraSorrells: remembering
LauraSorrells: still relic
LauraSorrells: retired
LauraSorrells: pen and feather
LauraSorrells: Sharptop
LauraSorrells: Chihuly memory
LauraSorrells: magnolia
LauraSorrells: in the woods
LauraSorrells: feather and beads
LauraSorrells: these little things
LauraSorrells: a memory
LauraSorrells: prayers
LauraSorrells: grief and anger