spelio: A little relaxing on Camden Haven River
spelio: Kowen Forest across the Molongo River to Colverwell ruins & pine plantation.
spelio: Darling River camp site near Kinchega, in the National Park.
spelio: Tourists through the hollow
spelio: Fence with shadows in the evening with a manhole
spelio: Pelican & shags at Dees Corner at Myall Lakes NSW
spelio: Plants and concrete along the new Canberra Metro
spelio: Rosherville Lighthouse
spelio: Lighthouse in the treetops
spelio: Kioloa, walk down to the beach..
spelio: Where the trams ran!
Hernan Restrepo: Framed by Peace Sign
sally_byler: IMG_0225
spelio: View down the main street of Uralla
misu_1975: Toronto 01
spelio: Poppy's Reastaurant at the AWM
hacbs: Elks, Wildlife Cherokee National Park, North Carolina.
spelio: Old redbrick home in the shade
spelio: Three new townhouses & Basement works thru the leaves
spelio: PV and battery power meters
hacbs: Autumn
spelio: Framed shopping trolley uncollected
spelio: Then we were overtaken on a hill
spelio: B4R68-5 The Queen & Duke drive by
spelio: Campsite at Algebuckina
misu_1975: Shanghai 29
Lorenz2007: DSC_1973