spelio: Great Northern beer and a few stubby holders
spelio: Yellow in the native patch
spelio: A walk for a future date...
spelio: loo In the bush
spelio: crossing the river below the dam
spelio: Googong Pumping Station
spelio: From car window to the spillway
spelio: The wombats loved this spot away from the toilet block!
spelio: Wombat scat with a view
spelio: Toilet Block at Googong Dam
spelio: Googong Mini Hydro
spelio: Covid Groups smaller than 2 people!
spelio: Bench and tree at Googong Dam
spelio: pontoons for fishing and canoeing out to!
spelio: We have fond memories of Bryan Pratt
spelio: Googong Dam stitch of 2 a6000 panos
spelio: Looking upstream Googong Dam
spelio: Googong Dam Spillway Remediation 2010
spelio: Googong Water Supply Project
spelio: Googong Dam Remedial Works
spelio: Googong Dam and Outlet Tower in the sunlight
spelio: Bench at Googong Dam
spelio: Downstream area map at Googong Dam
spelio: Map of Googong Dam
spelio: Googong Dam info sign
spelio: Googong Dam wall from the carpark
spelio: Googong Dam at the car park.
spelio: Googong Dam from the carpark
spelio: Spuds and cheese
spelio: The Deli in the IGA in Googong