kenldallany: Painted with love…
NCG@: white poppy
nathalierobin12: Le bonheur est un présent divin ... Aristote Happiness is a divine present ... . Aristote
C&C 1606: two of us💕
tom-quinn: Lilies and Butterflies 1
wjaachau: Smile and Sunshine
Stan S. Gallery: Summer - The daisy patch
WinRuWorld: Aloe chandelier
Sandy Steinman: Columbine/Aquilegia
Paul Comstock: Swamp milkweed
roland_tempels: Hydrangea
Matí Matias: Cypselae- Vilano
Luke Zarze: After the rain
James Gryboski: Bird's Foot Trefoil(?)
mark brueckman: Clarkia purpurea is a species of wildflower known by the common names winecup clarkia, winecup fairyfan, and purple clarkia.
Don Backman: White rose
s.montgomery426: Red Poppy, Macro, June 2020.
s.montgomery426: Wild Daisy Macro, June 2020.
Michael1624: The Unequal Distribution of Petals
Michael1624: A Gravity Assist
Michael1624: One Flower, Three Parts
shayne87: flight from paparazzi
geraldbrazell: Veronica
Jeffreycfy: 暗綠繡眼鳥, 相思, Japanese White-eye, Zosterops japonica (simples),