sh1209: Flower
herbnl: Flowers on my balcony - Poppy - june 2021
sh1209: Flower
Dane Vandeputte: Cosmos Cupcake
mahar15: Nepeta Walker's Low - catmint
jreyt27510: Yellow carnation
AESTRACT: Milk thistles
jreyt27510: Eryngium zabelii
reachashwinis: Blooms wherever life plants you..
Oxbow_Lebach: DSC02066
TinPebble: pink "ballerinas"
Laperuz: That's the one Роза
D@viD_2.011: Orchid on living room table 14th September 2021 001
billjackson.images: Cherry Cheesecake Hibiscus macro
photozaki: Floral Fantasy
♥ L'humoureuse :-): Petit soleil
Hannibal_J: Glass jar did not save it
eusantanavillanueva: Pink is beautiful
Lydia Kalke: Drüsiges Springkraut (Impatiens glandulifera)
atone13: Yellow Freesias.
belgm3: White Rose arrangements
amalthus: BOUQUET DE ROSES 17
David S Wilson: 2021 #166
arbyreed: Potted
Ch_Eder: Happy weekend from Zürich/Switzerland to you, wherever you are in the world! Best regards Christoph