ala_j22: La Habana
Bonsailara1: Extraña tarde
Funny Cyclist: Paddington Crossrail station (04)
Catherine Halvick: Lignes de fuite!
Phil C3: Galleria Continua
David G. Hoffman: 024896a This Ride In The Nicolette Natl. Forest Was A Never Ending Flow Of Fall Colors and Hills...Lots And Lots Of Hills
pydum: Bellagio
pydum: Reims
pydum: Reims
pydum: Sofia - Pont aux lions
pydum: Sofia - Basilique Ste Sophie
davebarratt39: Moonset
mauvi_63: IMG_8327
SalTheColourGeek: gardiner's ck 02
edk7: Grand formal staircase, Britannia Hotel, Manchester M1, England.
35mmMan: Ouzo line up
adh1204: Manhattan Beach CA
Ricardo Gomez A: 5659AF2B
edk7: Royal Exchange Arcade, City Centre, Manchester, England
Andrew James Howe: Landing Stage / Ullswater, Lake District, UK
Nucleix: TTTron
mauvi_63: IMG_9004
taigatrommelchen: 201909120 San Francisco Nob Hill
Elisabeth patchwork: misty morning 6:30 am
Simone Wi.: never forget