adrizufe: DSC_2229
catie46: Windmill
catie46: Beautiful day
catie46: Blue skies and windmills
Céline Savy-photography: Cheffes d'orchestre pour troupeau de nuages
Hadi Hormozi: Swedish summer
Hadi Hormozi: Swedish summer
zikade: Waldsterben auf dem Vogelsberg
zikade: Energie auf dem Vogelsberg
zikade: Hoher Vogelsberg: Windkraft
Chains of Pace: Fire effect
Gilli8888: Dusk Descending Over Cresswell Pond and Wind Turbines
Gilli8888: Trio of Greylag Geese Fly Past Wind Turbine Duo
Gilli8888: Light Rays On Wind Turbines - Cresswell
Gilli8888: Canada Geese Passing Wind Turbines in Dusk Light
J-a-x: Turbine Landscape II
Geoff J Mckay: A fiery new morning... Post Rock Wind Farm from I-70 West, 14 July 2020 Smoky Hills Wind Farm from I-70 West, 14 July 2020
Gilli8888: Silhouetted Wind Turbines at Dusk
Deebecks: Night skies
Alex-de-Haas: Old and new wind energy.
CWhatPhotos: Kia Soul Mixx 1.6 Diesel auto.
pom'.: Tucumcari, New Mexico, USA
Geoff J Mckay: Rising from the mist
SirTalllPaul: Wind Turbines
skaterboy195: Wind Enterprise working on Redcar wind farm
heatherpix: Pirouette
heatherpix: turbine design 3
heatherpix: WIND VANES