Alex-de-Haas: The Cloud Cutters Club. Waiting for Mary
Peter5²: blue and high
BelSoq: tournent les pales et tournesols...
neuphin: Rampion Wind Farm
Alex-de-Haas: Four wind turbines holding their breath.
Alex-de-Haas: Big fans of Holland.
prajpix: Power in the Glen
Gidzy: Wind Turbine at Scout Moor Wind Farm
GWMcLaughlin: View from Ballageich hill
BelSoq: L'envers du décor...
Jeannette Greaves: Viewed on CTV Winnipeg Weather - July 9, 2019
bramerspace: City Windmill
Linton Snapper: Ashdon Windmill
Alex-de-Haas: Solar FIelds.
Deek Wilson: Hay Bales and a Windmill
Gilli8888: Sunrise - St. Mary's Lighthouse
Gilli8888: Grey Heron Fly Past - Druridge Ponds
strongestlight: old and new turbines
Gilli8888: Wind Turbines - Linton and Lynemouth
Jeannette Greaves: Never too early!
strongestlight: same place, another view
Steven Berresford: river trent calm
Grüner Nomade: Blick über Gotha hinaus
Quackers24: Hook Moor Wind Turbines
Alex-de-Haas: Soft spring sunset in Holland.