Rob .S.: 56078 - 56105 at Overgrown Horbury Bridge
Rob .S.: Tees Yard Steel
Rob .S.: Horbury Marcroft Wagon Works, Gone.
Rob .S.: Cat 1
Rob .S.: 60040 Scunthorpe B.S.C.(Ent.C.) to Tees Dock Bsc Export Berth
Rob .S.: 6N31
Rob .S.: 6M10 South Bank
Rob .S.: 6N31 Southbank jn.
Rob .S.: 66107 @ Rainy Colton Jn
Rob .S.: 802218 Nova 1
Rob .S.: More Nova
Rob .S.: Hitachi Class 802 (Nova 1)
Rob .S.: Slavaged Waste
Rob .S.: Royal Naval Patrol Service.
Rob .S.: Britains Most Easterly Point.
Rob .S.: Wind Turbine Installation Vessel
Rob .S.: 70809 6E32
Rob .S.: 3S14 Grimsby Town - Bridlington
Rob .S.: TPE 1F60 at Thornhill L.N.W. Jn
Rob .S.: RNLI STATUE (Suffolk Lowestoft Historic Attraction)
Rob .S.: Bit flat around here !
Rob .S.: Evening Trip
Rob .S.: Oops
Rob .S.: HST 43300
Rob .S.: LNER 43277
Rob .S.: Tyne Dock - Drax
Rob .S.: In the evening sun
Rob .S.: T'int a red shed
Rob .S.: 56113 - 56090 Preston Tanks 18th April 19
Rob .S.: Steel Empties