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gerrypopplestone: Tories out, Tories out, out, out ...
gerrypopplestone: We've had enough, Theresa.
gerrypopplestone: Blue lady selling T-shirts
gerrypopplestone: Tour group at Rachada Night Market
gerrypopplestone: Unloading all the bags of clothes for the market
gerrypopplestone: Writing his 1st novel...?
gerrypopplestone: Porter at Bobae Market
gerrypopplestone: San Chao at the heart of celebrations
gerrypopplestone: Crossing the street
Cyprien Hauser: India, Mumbai - Breathtaking pollution of sea air - February 2018
Snemann: Marine litter. Gannet with stuck piece of rope.
gerrypopplestone: MRT Mangkon art
Ivan Radic: Alte und verrostete Philips Zink-Kohle Batterie auf dem Boden. Umweltverschmutzung
gerrypopplestone: Repacking vegetables....and spices.
gerrypopplestone: Preparing for Wan Drut Jiin (Chinese New Year)
gerrypopplestone: Shopping for Drut Jin (Chinese New Year)
gerrypopplestone: MRT Mangkon art
gerrypopplestone: Decorated shop at Yaowarat
gerrypopplestone: Spices, soups, meat rolls,
gerrypopplestone: Preparing the fruit and veg.
gerrypopplestone: Mangkon MRT”
gerrypopplestone: Decorations at Mangkon MRT
gerrypopplestone: Bus conductor