Gilbert Mercier: Metal treatment tank
Gilbert Mercier: Creek in early spring
fquevillon: Esker / Lithium
valentina.gasbarri: Sunset Over The Top Of World - Mt. Everest (Nepal)
Gilbert Mercier: Sleet on branches during ice storm
fquevillon: Esker / Lithium
valentina.gasbarri: Panoramic View Of Mt. Everest, Mt. Nuptse and Mt. Lhotse - Khumbu Glacier (Nepal)
gerrypopplestone: Selling silverware
gerrypopplestone: Guys on the Tube
Catchfoundation: Buy, Gift & Donate a Tree - Catch Foundation
Finding Chris: Life on Black Rock - Moe
xfwspot: Bastei Sachsen Saxonia
Finding Chris: Flotsam or Jetsam
valentina.gasbarri: Iceland's Melting Glaciers: A Sentinel For Our Earth
valentina.gasbarri: Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Retreating. The tourism side (Iceland)
Catchfoundation: Buy Home Made Eco-Friendly Bags by Catchfoundation
labibalam875: Odyssey. Noakhali, Bangladesh 2020
Gilbert Mercier: Tornado aftermath: wrecked indusrial building
Gilbert Mercier: Tornado aftermath: wrecked brick building
gerrypopplestone: Vauxhall Bridge repairs
Finding Chris: Life on Black Rock
Finding Chris: Life on Black Rock
labibalam875: Noakhali, Bangladesh 2020
Ivan Radic: A box with pesticide bottles left in nature. Concept of the environmental impact of agriculture
michaelhunter5: DSCF1555
Snemann: Marine litter. Rope cuttings, bundled up.
Bluescruiser1949: mudfest
gerrypopplestone: Petting the horse
gerrypopplestone: Some of the enormous crowds that gathered today.