gerrypopplestone: A plethora of skaters...
gerrypopplestone: Graffiti on the River Orwell, Ipswich
gerrypopplestone: On the 133 bus, at London Bridge
gerrypopplestone: Prefabs in Ipswich.
gerrypopplestone: Tarran type prefab (re-imagined)...
gerrypopplestone: Prefabs on the Rushmere Estate, Ipswich.
gerrypopplestone: Achillea Taygetea
gerrypopplestone: Musician in Trafalgar Square
gerrypopplestone: Verbena Bonariensis
gerrypopplestone: I pass the test...easily.
Stewart Wall: The End is Nigh
gerrypopplestone: The Ride in North Greenwich: open at last!
gerrypopplestone: The Ride at North Greenwich, near the O2
gerrypopplestone: Goring Lock
gerrypopplestone: Up there, in the sky........working!
gerrypopplestone: sorting out the gas
gerrypopplestone: Tapping a paving stone
gerrypopplestone: Mechanical digging...
gerrypopplestone: People passing boxes!
gerrypopplestone: Turning Left
gerrypopplestone: Adult education in Ruskin Park....!
gerrypopplestone: Boxing practice in Ruskin Park
gerrypopplestone: Packets of shirts. Pettycoat Lane Market
gerrypopplestone: How about this one?
gerrypopplestone: That one there?
gerrypopplestone: Down to the shoes
mso88: Amsterdam
mso88: Amsterdam