tamelyn: phlox together
Automatt: Kitty
wild goose chase: adore a door
TW Collins: The dingo's got my baby!
lostinangeles: Second Coming of Mick Fleetwood.
tamelyn: suddenly I find myself with time on my hands
Esther17: dazed and contused
The 10 cent designer: vacation, all I ever wanted
meeralee: Red Squirrel is diabolical
nardell: de-ice man cometh
Mr. Flibble: The dread of the shred that leaves you dead
tamelyn: you just keep me hangin' on
JKönig: hudsunset
*CA*: Double dare
nardell: bookeh
The 10 cent designer: Lady of our peace out
Friendly Joe: Maniscus
SeenyaRita: The Return of Paul Newman to the Big Screen
sadandbeautiful (Sarah): Boo Freaking Moo
nardell: disciples
JKönig: no sleep til
Friendly Joe: It's getting hard!
tamelyn: I'll take manhattan
NW Sunshine: Dear Mocha Joe's: This is not the coarse grind organic sumatra that I ordered. Please send return instructions. Thanks.
nardell: see horse
Miss March (LeeAnn): You know what they say about big feet...
nardell: misfire
Mary T.: Yes, I am the perfect cat...